Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s definitely crunch time if you haven’t gotten a few people on your list taken care of yet! The hottest gifts of the season are smart home devices. We’ve found the top three that’ll be easy last-minute gifts for you to give this year. Read on to find out which smart home device you should give to your friends or family this holiday season!

Add One of the Handiest Smart Home Devices to the Pile
What’s the device that can do it all? The Google Home of course! Finding the answers to your questions is as easy as saying “Hey, Google!” The Google Home can also help you set and keep appointments for anyone who has trouble managing their calendar. This one is great for your friend that has trouble keeping their life in order!

Help a Friend Stay Cool and Save Some Extra Energy
The Nest Learning Thermostat not only looks cool, but it also helps you save on your energy bills! It learns your heating and cooling patterns and self-adjusts to your schedule after just one week of use. The Nest also connects with your phone and uses location services to determine when you aren’t home. That data is used to cut down on energy costs throughout the year. This one is great for your family member who’s always fiddling with the thermostat!

They’ll Never Lose a Package Again with the Ring Doorbell
The coveted Ring Doorbell is a dream for anyone who worries about home security. They have built-in motion sensors that alert you whenever someone comes onto your doorstep, so you’ll always know who’s dropping by. With Ring, it’s easy to stay connected to your home when you’re away. You can even speak through it from hundreds of miles away with the Ring app! This one is great for your amazon addicted uncle.

We hope you’re well on your way to finalizing all of your holiday shopping, and hopefully, this handy gift guide helped you along the way! At Silver Leaf Homes, we value all the different ways people like to stay connected with their homes. Smart home devices are great tools for people looking to bring some ease into their lives through technology. To learn more about household trends and ideas, visit our reading nook!