The best way to relax with your family on a cold winter night is fireside with warm mugs full of hot cocoa! We’re not talking about that powdery stuff you mix with water; you want to go all out with some slightly gourmet hot chocolate recipes. These quick and easy recipes are sure to be crowd-pleasers, even for picky eaters. So, let’s dive into these cold-weather recipes!

The Easiest of All the Hot Chocolate Recipes
If you’ve got someone in your bunch who can be a little selective about what they’ll consume, this classic hot chocolate recipe is for them! This one is very straightforward and simple, consisting of chopped chocolate and milk of your choice! It’s rich, creamy and indulgent enough to satisfy you with one cup.

Spice Up Your Evening with This Mexican Hot Chocolate
Looking for a little extra kick in your cocoa? This Mexican hot chocolate is perfect for you! It also calls for chopped chocolate and milk but includes some additional spices that really elevate it. The star of this drink is the cayenne pepper powder that gives the sweetness an extra bite. If that sounds a little intense you can skip it, but you’ll definitely want to try it out at some point!

Sometimes, Simple and Mild is the Best Move
For those of you who think dark chocolate is a little too rich, try out this homemade white hot chocolate. White chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa. It’s mostly made up of cocoa butter instead of cocoa solids, giving it a more mild flavor. This white hot chocolate is easy to make and will impress any member of your family with how delicious it is!

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