If there is one time of day when your whole household should try to gather together, it’s dinner time. But often, life happens and it can be hard to plan a whole meal as a family unit, especially after a long day at school, work, and extracurricular activities. Thankfully, Midland has a variety of great family restaurants to choose from, and all are a close drive from our Midland communities.

Here are three family restaurants in Midland for you to check out.

Clear Springs Restaurant is the perfect blend of everything you want. With an American cuisine menu with a bit of a Southern twist, this regional chain restaurant has everything for everyone. It’s the perfect outing for a meal with the family. And if your busy schedule gets a little too hectic, you can even order takeout and delivery.

Venezia Restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a little extra for a special occasion. This Italian restaurant has a wine list that will have even the pickiest wine people delighted. Not to mention, the elegant atmosphere and indoor fountain and fireplace let you connect with the people you’re eating with without feeling over the top. And not to mention, there is a shaded patio as well, in case you want to enjoy a nice evening outside. Venezia is a great birthday celebration restaurant, good report card outing, or just because your family survived the week kind of place.

Carambas Spanish Inn is your destination for authentic Mexican cuisine. These traditional and homestyle-cooked meals are sure to hit that sweet spot of your family’s cravings. The Carambas Spanish Inn is a long-time staple of the Midland area, and for good reason. Their food is muy delicioso.

So whatever you and your family have a taste for, Midland is sure to have something to satisfy your hunger. And, while we listed just three, there are a host of great restaurants for you to explore with your family!