"My husband and I are a new home builder. We just recently broke ground on our home. The process to this point has been marvelous! We have built a home with First Texas and had sworn off ever doing it again. Luckily we were introduced to Silver Leaf and the experience has been as easy as building a home can be. 

We are building a home to accommodate my parent's and Randy and I. Silver Leaf has been wonderful at taking an existing floor plan and changing it to meet our needs. We are excited to continue working with Christina and Garrett over the next 3-4 months as our Bucket List Item of living outside of the "city" becomes a reality.

Working with Silver Leaf - you will not regret your decision."


I just wanted to thank you for having such a fantastic sales rep, Christina. She was so professional, calm, educated, punctual and a realtors dream to work with. She is a valuable asset to you company, as I'm sure you already know and I could only wish that listing agents would be on top of things the way she was during our transaction. She communicated very efficiently and was fabulous answering all my clients questions. You build a very nice home and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get one sold for you as well as looking forward to selling more in the near future!

-Katie Sheldon, Realtor

Silver Leaf Communities did a great job. They were timely and have been amazing ever since.


I already have recommended Silver Leaf. I trust them and they were really good to me, so I will recommend them.


I am happy with my home and I just want to thank Silver Leaf Communities for everything.


The quality of the home, it is outstanding and I love it.