When it comes to bathrooms, it can be tricky to optimize the space without adding clutter. There are some ways to maximize your bathroom space without adding things that do the opposite and make it feel even smaller.

Pastel and Cool Colors
Choosing a pastel, cool color to paint the walls can open up the space and make it seem bigger. This is because cool colors visually recede from the eye and make things seem larger. Your cool colors are purple, blue, and green–and going for the softer pastel versions of those colors can further the effect.

Out of sight, out of mind…right? In a small bathroom, utilizing the most of the cabinet spaces provided can keep the bulky items away from view and allows you to move more freely through the space.

Consider designating a shelf in the linen closet/cabinet for all excess hair styling tools or razor trimmers. And maximize what your medicine cabinet holds. By keeping things that you use often on the counter or on visible shelves, you can reduce the space taken up by other stuff.

It can be unsightly and feel cluttered to have products lined on shelves in a shower. And when the shower is used by multiple people, it can be even worse. One way to organize this space is to install a hanging shower organizer or standing shower shelving to keep all the products organized and condensed. And if you want to kick it back to the college days, investing in a shower caddy that you hang in the shower (or even take with you and store in your closet) can produce the same effect.

Sometimes a small bathroom has a door that swings inward to the bathroom and is one of the most frustrating things possible to maneuver. One way to maximize bathroom space with a door like this is to reposition the door so that it swings outward. Another way is to install a sliding door that goes into the wall, called a pocket door.

Utilizing your bathroom space not only makes this often overlooked room look better, but it can also make it feel better too by reducing the clutter. By using these tips and tricks, you can turn your bathroom into a much larger space with little hassle.