As the barren and chilly winter melts into the green ripple of spring, most hearts respond to the luring call of that time-honored tradition: Spring Cleaning. Something about the arrival of fresh spring air and vibrant growth motivates homeowners to tackle the cleaning and maintenance tasks that may have been neglected during the dreaming winter months. Let’s take a look at the projects that are most important to address during spring cleaning every year.

Start From The Top and Move Down
When tackling spring cleaning, move from top to bottom in both house level and room. Begin upstairs and move from room to room. Start by sweeping out or vacuuming any dust or cobwebs that have collected in the ceiling corners and on fans.

Wipe down the walls with a dry cloth to remove dust. Then follow up with a damp cloth to remove any marks or smudges. Dust and wipe all windowsills, built-in shelving, furniture, and baseboards. For shelving that houses books or knickknacks, remove all items and dust individually.

Deep Clean The Floors
Vacuum and shampoo all the carpets in the home, and clean, polish or wax all the wood/faux wood/tile or linoleum floors. You might consider professional rug cleaning, especially on high-traffic carpeted areas. If you have area rugs, roll them out and give the floor underneath a good cleaning.

Don’t Neglect Appliances
Take this time to attend to all home appliances. Remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer, and wipe down all compartments with a gentle cleanser. Do a thorough cleaning of the stovetop and oven, and run a clean rinse through the dishwasher. Clear the lint trap of the clothes dryer, and remove and clean out the hose. If you’re able, pull all appliances a few inches off the wall to check for dust build-up.

Safety and Small Repairs
Spring cleaning is the perfect time to test smoke and CO2 detectors and change the batteries. Look for little house repairs, such as resealing grout in the kitchen and bathroom or painting over small discolorations in walls or ceilings.

Spring cleaning is also a great time to organize and get rid of any unwanted items. Recycle, toss, or donate any unneeded items that have collected since the last big clean. By taking the time to attend to all the little things that can be neglected throughout the year, spring cleaning can be a time of renewal not only of the earth but in your own life as well.