Summer is here in Weatherford, Texas and there’s one word for it— HOT! That warm weather that comes around summer after summer also comes with the constant battle to keep your home cool without blowing up your utility bill. After all, that’s no way to spend your summer since it’s a time for beach vacations and other summer activities! So, how can you save money while also not roasting inside your home?

Block the Sunlight
While everyone loves a little natural light, sometimes you just have to keep those blinds closed during the day. Opt for blackout curtains as opposed to light filtering options to block more light and keep energy bills low. When it’s midday and the sun is shining directly into your home, you’re letting in solar heat. Nobody wants that in the middle of summer!

Check Your AC Filters
Swapping a dirty AC filter with a fresh new one can help increase airflow and will lower your summer energy bill.

Unplug Everything
Here’s a good motto to live by. “If you aren’t using it, unplug it!” An energy-efficient home in Weatherford will make use of a handful of strategies to lower your energy bill and one such strategy is to reduce the energy that your unused electronics are using. The laptop, toaster, coffee maker, and even TV’s in the home may be off, but if they are plugged in, they are drawing energy. The less plugged in you are, the lower your energy bill will be. If you don’t want to “unplug” everything, consider plugging everything into a power strip and turning that off instead.

Avoid Touching the AC Throughout the Day
We know it’s tempting to crank down the AC as soon as you come inside after you’ve been out in the heat. But just think how much a few cool minutes of air is costing you. We recommend keeping your thermostat at a warmer setting throughout the day (75 degrees or higher). If you’re hot, think of other ways to cool off like grabbing an ice-cold drink, sitting by a fan, or taking a cold shower.

Can Smart Home Technology Help Your Energy Bill?
Silver Leaf homes in Weatherford has become a popular choice for many homebuyers in the area, providing a beneficial route for many home buyers. Each Silver Leaf home in Weatherford is energy efficient and utilizes smart home technology, appliances, and energy-efficient building products and materials. These products, materials, and appliances help cut energy costs without the homeowner having to lift a finger. If you’d like to discuss ways that new homes with smart technology are more energy-efficient, reach out to Silver Leaf Homes today.