Don’t you love coming home to a well-organized home? Take advantage of this spring season to tidy up your house, throw out unwanted junk and clean those hidden spaces. At Silver Leaf Homes, we know that cleaning can be time-consuming, but we have a few ideas on where you should focus your time. Here are three commonly ignored areas of your home to focus on while spring cleaning.

Disinfect the Whole Refrigerator
You probably take some time out of your day to wipe down your fridge, but when was the last time you cleaned it out? Make sure this is at the top of your spring cleaning list. Check for expired and unwanted food. Throw out things in your freezer that have been there forever. And take everything out of the fridge and freezer and wipe it down with warm water and soap.

Freshening Up the Kitchen Sink
The kitchen sink goes through a lot over the year. It’s the one area in your home that’s considered the dirtiest place. The best way to clean germs, stains and grime is to scrub it with lemon and powdered Borax, soak it with warm water mixed with bleach and wipe it down with vinegar and a paper towel. You can also run lemon rinds through the garbage disposal to reduce any smell from the drain.

Spring Cleaning for Your Pots and Pans
We always clean our pots and pans in the sink, but it’s hard to get all the residue off of the surface. When you have some time, take out your pots and pans and fill them with water. Add dish soap and let it simmer on your stove. You can use a Brillo pad to scrub off the remaining residue. If you have copper pots and pans, you should mix ketchup and a pinch of salt with your polish to get out stubborn stains.

These are some of our favorite house cleaning tips for spring cleaning. As a DFW Homebuilder, we know what it takes to make a house spotless. We suggest taking an hour or two out of your day every day to focus on spring cleaning. Are you looking to move during this spring season? We have incredible homes for sale. Contact us to find your perfect home with Silver Leaf Homes today!