So far this month, the weather has been fantastic, making it the perfect time to fire up your grill or smoker and break out your best BBQ recipes. For National BBQ Month, the Silver Leaf Homes team has compiled some of their favorite Texas BBQ recipes, and we want to share them with you! Here are a few of the best Texas BBQ recipes for your family to try this month:

Mouth-Watering BBQ Recipes
One of our favorite, nontraditional BBQ recipes is the cilantro and chimichurri grilled steak. Everyone will love the fresh chimichurri sauce. The best thing about this recipe is that the herby sauce goes well with everything! You can follow the recipe and cook it with just steak, but you will want to make some extra sauce to go with chips, fresh vegetables and anything else you can imagine.

The Classic Texas BBQ Recipe
BBQ like a true Texan with this traditional smoked brisket recipe. Nothing screams Texas BBQ like a whole brisket and oak wood chips. Be prepared, this mouth-watering smoked brisket takes twelve hours to make, and it also feeds a hungry party of twelve. When it comes to celebrating National BBQ Month, you can’t go wrong with a hearty smoked brisket!

Lip-Smacking Good BBQ Wings
Do you feel like you want to change things up a bit? Try out our recipe for Korean chicken wings. Even though these aren’t a traditional BBQ meal, we think that these wings would be the perfect complement to any backyard BBQ. Make them saucy, sweet or spicy and make sure to bring some extra napkins. We believe that you might have a hard time going back to traditional wings after you try these!

Since we are DFW homebuilders, we have had our fair share of Texas BBQ. Whether you’re looking to find some new BBQ recipes or you’re looking for new homes for sale, we would love to help you find exactly what you need! Contact our team today to find out more about our new homes for sale or to share some of your favorite BBQ recipes with us.