Silver Leaf Communities LLC is a residential home building company formed from the joining of WT Building and Wegman Homes. These companies have successfully operated in the Permian Basin residential home building economy for the past several years. With the housing boom very active in our area, the company will not only build affordable residential homes but expand to build new residential home developments to create lasting communities. Silver Leaf Communities will target residential home buyers and offer a high-quality home at an affordable price.



John McKnight is the owner and operator of WT Building. He has been active in residential home building for the past 8 years and has acquired extensive knowledge of the business. Drew Wegman is the owner and operator of Wegman Homes. Before starting his own residential home building business in 2012, Drew worked for a large home building company managing residential developments. He played a very vital role in finding new locations to create the best product for residential home developments. His knowledge will be a very valuable asset to SilverLeaf Communities. Each of these partners has specific areas of expertise to contribute and create a well- rounded ownership team.



Silver Leaf Communities has a management staff consisting of professionals with a diverse mix of experience in residential construction and development. We pride ourselves in the fact that our management team has real-world experience and is confident in our ability to be successful in this industry in this region. This knowledge allows us to hire the best construction workers and to maintain the quality of their work better than many of our competitors.