January is upon us, and we’re already looking eagerly to the latest trends and styles in homes for the upcoming year. We’ve survived 2020, and now it’s time to move forward into 2021 with sleek and sustainable design. So, what’s on-trend for the New Year? Let’s take a look!

Warm and Cozy
For interiors, grey is out and greige is in. Even before Covid19 created a longing for nostalgia, grey colored with a beige/yellow undertone began making the rounds in home interiors. Less harsh than a white or flat grey, greige gives a bit of a glow to larger spaces and can make them feel more inviting. Paired with brass and brushed gold finished hardware, you can achieve a look that’s both modern and classic.

Black is the New Black
For those who like a bold statement, black is making its way into the palette for kitchens and bathrooms. Black fixtures, a black backsplash, or black tiles on a bathroom floor can lend a dramatic note. Some homeowners are taking it even a step further with black walls or black exteriors. With the right eye for contrast and accessorizing, black can be a fabulous choice anywhere in the home.

Open Spaces
Open floor plans continue to be popular with new home builders. Overwhelmingly, consumers enjoy a plan that feels bright and airy and allows for easy movement through the main rooms for entertaining. Lots of windows to let in natural light create a feeling of roominess in even smaller spaces. Succulents, air plants, and other greenery are used to give a fresh pop of the outdoors, as well as naturally purify the air.

Speaking of natural light, new home builders in the Fort Worth area are working with an eye toward sustainability. Plenty of natural lighting, cost-effective LED lights, energy-saving appliances, and spray insulation are just some of the features that keep costs low, with a positive impact on the environment. While open floor plans remain on-trend, house size itself is going down. More and more people find that they can live comfortably (and even luxuriously) in less space. Clean lines and modern design make even smaller homes feel roomy and make it easier to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

Building for the Long Haul
In this same vein, Fort Worth new homebuilders are also taking care to build homes to last. True sustainability cannot be achieved with shoddy materials and cheap short cuts. New homes are increasingly built on solid foundations with durable materials that can weather the elements. Today’s homebuyer isn’t dazzled by superficial sparkle alone, but are looking to make an investment for themselves and the environment. Wastefulness is out, sustainability is in, and Silver Leaf Homes understands and supports that.

Bold and sassy or warm and brassy, the clean lines of new homes today offer a solid foundation on which to build a testament to your own personal style. No matter what speaks to you, there’s space for it in the new homes of 2021. Contact us today and let’s discuss your 2021 dream home.